The Voice of the Innovator–Risk-taking and Self-acceptance

Risk-taking and Self-acceptance

I feel good about where I’m going.   I don’t have any regrets!”

Intuitively, it makes sense that risk-taking and self- acceptance go together.  People who take risks are comfortable with themselves and do not fear what others think or don’t think of their actions or ideas. 

How you acquire self-acceptance and seek self-understanding and self-knowledge is an important question. That journey is often very personal and requires you to look in the mirror. This includes understanding both your strengths and your weaknesses;  what’s important to you, how you define success,  and what you are willing to give up or not give up, including people, ideas, relationships, and money.

One of the amazing benefits that truly comes from understanding yourself and what makes you tick is an increased level of self-confidence.  We often think of confidence as bravado, but real confidence is understanding who you are.

People who are very concerned about what others think are often fearful of retribution—so they do not take risks.  People who are very concerned about failing are overly cautious.  People who are not self-accepting are often perfectionists and beat themselves up if something doesn’t work out. 

The old adage rings true for those self-accepting and courageous people: They see lemons and they say ‘let’s make lemonade!”   

Children try anything. Remember when you were a child and that judgmental adult voice wasn’t there?    That ‘little one’ in all of us is often lost because we make mistakes, and adults and other kids criticize us and call attention to what we did wrong.  We so often look for the ‘critical.” When we receive nine points on our paper or on our performance assessment, with one point off for something we could improve on, what do we tend to focus on? The one point for needing improvement! 

Three ways you can re-ignite self-acceptance in yourself: 

  • Look for the good in a situation
  • Believe a mistake is a mistake and not a life-altering event- ALL THE TIME!
  • Celebrate your successes and dwell on what you can do, not on what you can’t.    

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