The Voice of the Innovator


Every innovator I’ve known or observed has had to deal with enormous challenges and, yet, they just keep moving forward—nothing seems to get in their way. What can we learn from them? There is something important here. Many of them are successful in spite of others and, in many cases, in spite of themselves. Those who we might not consider successful innovators consider themselves successful —it’s the rest of the world who is “not seeing clearly.” And, in many cases, you know, they are right.

Completing this work completes a journey for me into understanding what innovators have to teach us about ourselves. So my acknowledgement is simple—“here’s to the innovators” who jump the curbs of life, who stand-up for their ideas, who stay curious about the world, who are cynics and optimists at the same time, who never give up. We can all learn from them. I hope that everyone who reads this book can takeaway something that will make their lives more fulfilled; more creative, willing to take the risks to make it happen and become more innovative!


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